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5 Ways To Convince Your Beloved To Love Skiing

For those of you that love skiing or snowboarding and all things snow related, you’ll need no convincing on why winter sports are the best and why it’s easy to become wrapped up in the world of pistes, après ski and chalet life. Not everyone shares that passion though, and while you may be eagerly awaiting the first few flakes of the season, your other half might not be as thrilled. With that said, we’ve put together our top five ways to help them love skiing as much as you do… and on your way to booking budget ski holidays Christmas.

Be Honest

Be Honest

Let’s face it; they will fall. Just like ice skating, the fear of falling can hinder your chances of letting go and getting to grips with a new sport. Be honest and admit that yes they might fall, but eventually they will learn to stay up, master their snow ploughs and enjoy themselves. Live, learn and laugh. Laughter is the best medicine.

Suit Up

Having all the right gear is essential. If your other half doesn’t want to commit to buying skis, headgear etc., it makes sense to hire them while you’re on holiday. If you do want to invest in some Winter staples, make sure you read our guides to the latest women’s and men’s fashion trends.

Suit Up

Book Lessons

Ski lessons can do wonders for self-confidence and encouragement. Learn the ‘slopes’ with like-minded people at the same level. Take off for the morning on your own for some solo skiing before catching up afterwards for some vin chaud or hot chocolate. See more on booking lessons in Serre Chevalier and Vallandry here.

Top Tip: Ski School can be costly, so if you're on a budget, the best time (and cheapest) to book a lesson is at lunchtime or in the afternoon. These lessons can often be tailored to your specific level or ability.

Take in the Local Sights and Try Something New Yourself

Take in the Local Sights and Try Something New Yourself

Remember that while you might be a seasoned pro, your partner isn’t. Take the pressure off by trying something new together while you’re here. How about dog sledding or tobogganing? Ski resorts have so much to offer other than the traditional activities. Our lodges in Vallandry and Serre Che have some fantastic Savoyard shops to indulge in some retail therapy or early Christmas shopping.

If Not Skiing, Snowboarding?

Perhaps skiing isn’t the right fit, but what about snowboarding instead? You may have heard the old saying that “skiing is easier to learn but harder to get good at”, while snowboarding is the other way around. Everyone learns in different ways, so this isn’t always necessarily true. However, snowboarding can definitely have its advantages in terms of getting around the mountains. Snowboard boots can be a lot comfier than ski boots, and it’s so much easier to carry around just a snowboard! A lot of ski resorts have fantastic snowboard parks with zones aimed at all levels from beginner to expert. For more tips on choosing skiing or snowboarding check out our blog.

If Not Skiing, Snowboarding?

If all else fails, there’s no better romantic getaway than in the French mountains, surrounded by unspoilt views, fabulous food and good lodgings!

Your partner may have lots of questions on what to expect from a Skiing Holiday, and we aim to make your holiday as special and stress-free as possible. Want to know what to expect from your holiday with us? Find out on ‘Your Week With Hucksters’.

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You don't have to buy the snowshoes, ice grippers and trekking poles you'll need on mountain walks. If you don't have the necessary kit for hiking, Evolution 2 offer kit for hire.

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Mrs Denise May MBE

Just a quick note to thank you all for hosting the Bennett clan the other week, we had a great time and are hoping to return with Hucksters for the new year.


The wider your snowplough is, the slower your speed will be.

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