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Men's Ski Fashion Trends 2018/19

Many skiing enthusiasts and interested beginners may be casting their minds towards cheap ski holidays, with the season just a few months away. Of course, planning this far ahead may seem crazy, but it’s even crazier how quickly winter will creep up on us!

New ranges are already being released by skiing brands looking to sell their clothing, with Telegraph ski experts already eagerly picking out the best buys for the season ahead. So, if you want to stand out from the crowd, you’ll need these insider tips when it comes to purchasing your ski gear – and believe us, there’s not much around to guide you, fellas, particularly as most fashion features tend to cater towards a female audience.

In this latest fashion feature, we take a look at the popular trends for winter 2018/19 that will ensure you continue to look sharp on those slopes!

Retro Vibes

Of course, practicality will be the first thought when it comes to your ski outfits, but who says that means you can’t have some fun, too?

This winter is all about bringing some retro vibes, adding a spot of colour back to the white slopes. Awesome examples include O’Neill’s retro collection which is bringing the 90s back with bursts of bubble-gum colours (91' X-TREME). Just promise not to bring the music back from that era too!

It will be like a blast from the past, as you see a lot of brands will be sporting retro styles into their clothing options. Just this time, with a bit more style and sophistication than we did back then!

The all-in-one is making a glorious comeback for both men and women. Once considered a serious ski style faux-paus, it’s incredible how fashion can make a completed 180º turnaround.

Bold Colours

Continuing the fun streak, bold statement colours will ensure you’re noticed – just make sure your skills are up to scratch too! You will see a wide range of colours, so you can pick your favourite to show off your personality. Why not look towards ski/snowboarding company Picture Organic, who marry both environmentally-friendly designs with vibrant colours in their range?

Classic Tones Matched with Textures

Flamboyancy not your cup of tea? Stick to the dark and classic tones, matching them up with a texture or textile to stay on trend this season. 2018 has seen the return of the faux fur, particularly on hats and statement boots. For this to work for you, it’s all about optimising understated style with up-to-date functionality.


Black goes with everything and never goes out of fashion; therefore, it would be a great option to choose for your trousers if you’re looking for a timeless piece. A fitted pair of ski pants will see you through the years, just make sure they’re high-quality and from a respected brand to ensure you see the return on investment.


Many skiers are looking towards separating insulation and protection layers to ensure comfort and breathability. You will see many opting for shell jackets like those from Sabre, known for their protective qualities against all conditions – from wet to wind and our favourite, snowfall.

With the help of our guide, you’re now ready to start purchasing your winter 2018/19 ski outfit! Be sure to let us know what you opt for and why.

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