Hucksters Budget Ski HolidaysHucksters Budget Ski Holidays

You may well be the type of person who loves waiting until the last minute to book their holiday, but when it comes to cheap snow holidays, Christmas, New Year and Easter are particularly busy periods, so it’s important that that you get yourself prepared!

There are a handful of reasons why you should book your ski trip early to ensure you secure a very cheap ski holiday deal. So, if you’ve got a friend who leaves it late, get them to read this and make sure they’re on it!

Better Prices

Better Prices

When you book in nice and early, you’re often treated to the early bird-type prices. Generally, you’ll find that ski holiday prices go up during peak booking season (depending on who you book with), so when you book early you’re more likely to enjoy those alluring lower prices which means more money for your holiday spending!


Leaving it to the last minute can often mean you don't get to choose the location or accommodation you most want. Imagine finding the dream place with all your mates, only to find that you’ve left it too late and it’s been snapped up or there’s not enough accommodation to house you all! Book early and you’ll not have to go through the pain of losing out.

If you’ve been on a winter snow holiday before, you’ll probably fall in love with the place you stayed, which means that you want to snap it up for the next year and the year after that! There’s nothing quite like a holiday tradition for making the best memories with your loved ones. So, the last thing you want to do is find that nowhere is available and you must go on a family break to somewhere boring. No one wants that, do they?!



Flight prices vary depending on days, times and peak seasons so finding the best flight deals is a talent in its own right. Most airlines tend to work on a fluid pricing model which means that seat prices are often at their lowest at the time of release. Airlines such as EasyJet tend to release their prices months in advance (averagely between five and six months), so snap them up quick, and sit back and relax knowing you got the best deal. If you’re planning your trip to be a little sooner than a couple of months’ time, use a comprehensive comparative site like Skyscanner that compares all the best live prices from your desired airports, dates and times.

Large Groups

If you are hitting up the slopes in a large group, whether that’s with friends or family, then planning is a must! It can be hard enough to get what trip you want when it’s just two of you, let alone when you’re rolling eight plus. Sorting things out early will give you more choice, increasing the chances of you having the absolute best time in the mountains – something that Hucksters are all about!

Large Groups
Spread the Cost

Spread the Cost

Paying for Christmas, festival parties and birthdays are never cheap. If you have a holiday booked, you want to make sure that you can pay for it in one-go or in manageable payments. Putting the holiday on a credit card is often a last resort for many. By booking early, you can then put aside a special little piggy bank and save up your money so it’s all ready to pay for everything when the time comes.

Here’s just five reasons why you need to be on top of your holiday booking game if you are going to get the trip you want. Don’t spend hours in the WhatsApp group chatting about which ideas are the coolest or you’ll miss out! If you need some help with your booking, contact us today and we’ll help you book the adventure of a lifetime. Have you got any other travel hacks? Share them with everyone in the comments on our social media posts.

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Customer Reviews

The staff were more like friends than employees and knew the area very well. Can't fault them. They sorted an issue with my wife's ski pass with as little stress as was possible. To start your day of skiing one had only to walk about 20m from the door, pop your skis on and off you go. You could eit...


My girlfriend and I stayed in Vallandry with Hucksters for 6 days and had a great time with a very friendly environment including not only the staff, but also the other customers. The room was also nice, warm and very functional with the slopes only few meters away from the chalet. Therefore and acc...

Johann Delauney

We just wanted to say, we had the most marvellous time in the Mont Blanc recently. We were very happy in the Petit Mont Blanc Annexe & the staff were absolutely fantastic. They all went out of their way to ensure we had a fantastic holiday.


Always wear your helmet and be mindful of the position your skis are pointing when carrying them around to avoid accidentally hitting anyone.

Top Tip

Just back from a fabulous week in Vallandry. The lodge was great and the location to the lifts perfect. I wanted to say thank you for all your help and the wonderful staff, they are all good bunch and made us feel very welcome. Please let them know we did appreciate their hard work, and smiles every...


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