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7 Interesting Facts About Christmas

On the day this blog was posted, there are only ten weeks left until Christmas Day 2018! That may come as a surprise to you, along with the seven Christmassy facts listed below.

1. Christmas Trees Popularised in the UK During the 19th-Century

1. Christmas Trees Popularised in the UK During the 19th-Century

Germany is typically credited with starting the tradition in the 16th-century. But did you know that Christmas trees were first introduced in the UK in the 1830s? They became especially popular in 1841 after a drawing of a Christmas tree set up in the famous Windsor Castle! This drawing was published in the Illustrated London News, which saw the tradition make its way throughout households across Britain. And did you know that they were traditionally decorated with candles during this time? As you can probably imagine, this wasn’t particularly a safe way of illuminating the large flammable trees; we think we’ll stick to the modern method of fairy lights instead.

2. Tallest Christmas Tree Ever

The tallest natural fir tree documented in the Guinness World Records was cut and measured in December 1950 in America, Seattle and was 67.36 metres tall! For perspective, this tree was just over half the length of a football pitch. This massive tree was decorated and put up in the Northgate Shopping Centre in Seattle.

3. Illegal to Eat Mince Pies on Christmas Day

The ban on mince pies was put into place in the 17th-century as a means to tackle gluttony by a politician named Oliver Cromwell. Mince pies, along with other traditional treats were banned on the Christmas day. However, it’s believed that this ban was not upheld once Charles II came into power as the king of England. But some still argue that it was not officially lifted, thus making the festive treat still illegal to consume on Christmas day.

3. Illegal to Eat Mince Pies on Christmas Day
4. Christmas Crackers

4. Christmas Crackers

Londoner Tom Smith invented the Christmas cracker in 1847. It is believed these festive popping tubes were developed as a result of a decline in the sales of his bon-bon sweets. Therefore, he developed the Christmas crackers as a means of boosting sales! The oversized sweet wrapper was made to house the popping mechanism along with the sweets and at the time a love motto! These little notes were accompanied by surprise gifts at a later date, creating a product similar to what we know today. In 1869 Tom Smith, unfortunately, passed away, which led to his three sons taking over the business. It was the three sons that added the paper hats to the Christmas crackers and changed the love mottos to jokes.

5. Christmas Spent Abroad

A report in 2016 reported that 4.5 million Britons would head abroad during Christmas and New Years of that year. That may come as quite a shock to many; finding it hard to imagine a Christmas away from home and typical traditions. A Christmas spent abroad is an excellent way of discovering new traditions, as well experiencing other cultures way of celebrating the holidays. Here at Huckster’s Lodge, we have great cheap snow holidays Christmas, meaning you can not only enjoy a Christmas spent abroad, but you can also have a white Christmas spent on the slopes!

6. Turkey for Christmas Dinner

It is believed that King Henry VIII was one of the first to eat turkey during Christmas in the UK, after its introduction to the UK in the 1520s. However, geese were more commonly used in Christmas roasts. It wasn’t until the 1950s that turkey overtook goose as the meat of choice during the holidays! It’s estimated that roughly 10 million turkeys are consumed in the UK during Christmas!

7. White Christmas

Did you know, only a single snowflake has to be observed falling in the 24 hours of Christmas Day for it to be officially accepted as a White Christmas in the UK? This is typically monitored in the Met Office building in London, as well as other locations across the UK.

7. White Christmas

That concludes our seven interesting facts about Christmas Day. Do you know of any additional facts that we should add? Be sure to let us know through our socials! And if you’re considering a holiday spent on slopes this Christmas, but need some extra convincing, read our recent blog about why you should go away for Christmas.

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