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Your Guide to Organising a Group Ski Holiday

Being able to take away the unnecessary stresses of arranging and booking your group ski/snowboard holiday used to be something you could only dream about. But now, thanks to Hucksters, organising your cheap snow holidays just became so much easier!

Below you’ll find seven useful pointers to help assist you in the organisation of your group trip. We’ve included tips that can be used both before and during your holiday, so whether you’re the one doing all the arranging, or everyone is getting involved, our guide is here to make sure it goes as smoothly as possible!

The Group Should Be Realistic!

If you’re the group leader (there’s always someone who is more in charge than others), then look to encourage everyone else to have some genuine expectations. It is not always possible to satisfy everyone with every aspect of the holiday, but you can find a compromise and get the best to suit you all!

What Does a Group Leader Need to Be Prepared to Do?

We’ve got another one for the group leader, but also something for other members of the group to be considerate over. The leader is going to have to make some of the decisions and stand firm over them. For example, stick to deadlines, offer the opinion that will best suit the whole group, and ensure payment deadlines are stuck to. It’s important that everyone does this or it can become pretty tricky to keep track of things otherwise.

So, you have the numbers for the group. Now you need to get all the info you can from them. Here’s some of the most important things to think about:

· Full name (on passport)

· Date of birth?

· Are there any dietary requirements?

· Who needs equipment carriage on the flight?

Just by having these kinds of details to hand it will make organising a booking that much easier and more seamless!

Should We Come Up with Ideas for the Group Holiday?

Yes! Once you arrive in resort, we’re sure that plenty of people in the group will want to do things, but they may not all have the same ideas in mind. Get people’s thoughts on this before you go and then everyone will know what to expect before they head out. Obviously, hitting the slopes will be high on the list, but while some might like to get first lifts to carve fresh tracks and stay on the mountain until last lifts, there may be a few people who love the café-style days on the slopes.

Is it a Good Idea to Book a Mixed-Ability Ski Trip?

This is perfectly fine. If you have people in the group who like tearing up diamond runs or throwing down double rodeos in the park, don’t be concerned about having others in the group who will be mastering the ‘pizza’ and ‘French fry’ techniques too; just don't expect them to mix!

Just bear in mind that you can all meet up after your day on the slopes and do something as a big group. This way you won’t have the shredders getting bored, and the lesser experienced members pushing themselves to keep up or attempt runs that are too advanced.

The best thing to think here is that it is a holiday, not an army training day!

Shall We Book for Restaurants in the Ski Resort?

If you have a place in mind that you know is popular, or you simply don't want to avoid disappointment, then the best thing you can do is to book a table. You may even want to reserve it before you leave for your holiday, just to be on the safe side. Many mountain restaurants accept lunchtime bookings made on the morning of the reservation too.

We Have Beginners; Should We Book Lessons?

If you have a few in the group that are keen to have lessons, then why not look into hiring a private instructor? By booking private lessons, it can be a handy, cost-efficient way of groups of 4-8 participants to get the best for their money. In fact, it can be around the same cost as regular group sessions but with the added extra of making the classes bespoke to the needs of your group.

This can also be transferred to those who are looking to go on guided tours too.

These are a handful of pointers that you can take on board that will help keep the boarders and the skiers content on your next group holiday. If there’s anything you think is a must when it comes to booking a group trip, let us know on our social media channels!

Image courtesy of Manon Carpenter.

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