Hucksters Budget Ski HolidaysHucksters Budget Ski Holidays

Most people will rejoice at the thought of the summer season heading their way; but if there is one group of people out there who not be delighted, it’s skiers and snowboarders.

That’s not to say that snowsports lovers don't get excited by bluebird days on the mountain, it’s just that as soon as the days start warming up and getting that bit longer, the snow starts fading out and the quality of conditions lessen too. Before you know it, it’s another six months before the slopes are primed for carving again.

So, What Now?

If you are too scared to pack the goggle and gloves away for fear of official winter season closure setting in, then you wouldn’t be alone in feeling this way. However, ask anyone who’s been through the struggle before, and they will tell you that you need to find something to keep your mind and body busy while you wait for winter to grace your life once again.

We’ve got a handful of ideas for you right here!

1. Have You Tried a Summer Board Sport?

Regardless of your location on this lovely planet, we call home, whether it’s a city, countryside or coastal setting you reside in, there’s the scope to pick up a board sport just about anywhere. A few prime examples include:

  • Surfing
  • Skateboarding
  • Wakeboarding
  • Mountainboarding

These are the obvious, standout activities that will provide you with a comparable feel and accompanying adrenaline rush that snowsports come complete with (we’re sure you’re missing this terribly!).

This also gives you the chance to visit some seriously cool natural spaces that you might not have been to before too. You know how magical the mountains are in winter, but this magic can be replicated in the summer months in certain places if you give it a chance. You never know, you might find a new love for a sport that will have you set for life… when you’re not ripping up the piste and letting loose at après, of course!

2. Have You Been to an Indoor Snow Centre?

Some refer to it as a sanctuary-like setting when the snow has melted and the season is over; we’re talking about snow centres, obviously. If your heart is set on not packing your kit away any time soon and you need to feel those turns under your feet, then the one place you’re sure to get that proper snow fix while you’re at home is by heading to one of the indoor snowdomes.

Literally open for all abilities, whether you want to improve your technique before travelling out for another season, or you want to dial in that one trick you didn't get round to on the box in the park, the UK snowdomes have a vast, wide-ranging list of snow activities to keep you sane until it’s time to make your way to the mountains again.

3. Ever Thought About Teaching a Summer Sport?

Mountainboarding, sailing, scuba diving, surfing, SUP, canoeing, and kayaking are seven ideas we can think of straight off the bat that you can train to teach in the summer months while you wait for the snow to fall again.

Again, this is the perfect way to keep you on top form physically, and not only will you be having heaps of fun while enjoying the outdoors, but you’ll also be making new friends, earning money and helping people too! It’s literally the perfect combination. As they say, if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life again!

4. Summer Seasonal Work Could be an Option?

Similar to teaching an activity during the summer in a way, seasonal work could be the ideal scenario for you ski bums and bunnies! There are oodles of places all over the UK that rely on seasonal workers, just like with ski seasons, so why not look into a cool location that offers a blend of all the things you’re looking for to keep you occupied during the summer months?

Tourist attractions and touristy destinations always see an influx of people when it’s summer. Why not check out the seasonal work opportunities at places like:

  • Theme parks
  • Zoos
  • Sea life centres
  • Art galleries
  • Restaurants
  • Pubs
  • Leisure centres
  • Beaches

If you’ve worked a season, then you’ll often meet people who live in places that you might like to go and work, and with the skills you’ve armed yourself with after your ski season, these types of businesses will gladly put your CV to the top of the pile. And above all else, remember that those chalet ski holidays are never too far away!

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Customer Reviews

Always wear your helmet and be mindful of the position your skis are pointing when carrying them around to avoid accidentally hitting anyone.

Top Tip

Just back from a fabulous week in Vallandry. The lodge was great and the location to the lifts perfect. I wanted to say thank you for all your help and the wonderful staff, they are all good bunch and made us feel very welcome. Please let them know we did appreciate their hard work, and smiles every...


By dispensing with things such as towels and complimentary toiletries (bring your own) and guaranteed en suite bathrooms, Hucksters has managed to create accommodation that is definitely communal and cheap but in that no-frills way that makes you feel pretty smug at the money you are saving. It has ...

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If you're looking for 5* accommodation where chalet girls wash your feet and sing you to sleep, just stop reading now. If you're not one of the privileged elite, but still want to see snow once or twice a year, head here. I cannot really fault any aspect of the holiday. If you want a low cost skiin...


I look each year to find a better value ski holiday and fail. I love the staff, the resort and the accomodation. And the coach, to me it makes flying very uncomfortable and un civilised, Dont change a thing Hucksters you are providing exactly what I want. Roll on next season......

Gilbert Leaver

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