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Quick Tips for Picking the Right Snowboard for You

If you’re going to enjoy snowboarding but also want to progress, you will need to be riding the right board for your specifications. Just look at the middle option in our main image… they’re skis; we were just testing you! But, in all seriousness, you need to know what you’re riding, and making the right choice can be tricky if you don’t know what you're looking for.

Fear not, your friends at Hucksters who are in the know are here to help! We’ve got some quick tips right here that you can learn from…

Watch ya’ Weight

No, we’re not suggesting you put on or lose a few pounds in the gym before buying a board, what we’re explaining here is that various weights suit different types of boards.

Here’s an example; if you’re slightly on the lighter side, then choosing the wrong board would cause it to be too stiff, and if you go for a board you’re too heavy for, there will be too much flex. You can have this checked on a chart that matches different boards to your weight. As a general rule of thumb, shorter boards typically provide more stability for lighter people as compared to longer boards.

How’s the Length?

Snowboards come in different shapes and sizes, including length. This is basically to suit people’s varying heights. The old guideline for assessing the right length of board was to measure up against your chin, and if it came to your chin, it was the one for you.

Fast-forward to today though, and you’ll be using the same kind of chart that is used to assess your weight with a board.

Where Are You Going?

There are various types of snowboard to suit the kind of terrain you want to ride on, so choosing an option to suit where you want to go is another factor. So, whether you fancy the backcountry or being a park bum, you’ll need the right board to fit your needs.

“All mountain” boards are an ideal option for anyone who fancies giving a bit of everything a go first before they hone in on a particular type of ‘boarding.

Width Watch

We’ve covered off weight, length and terrain, and now we also need to mention getting the width right. An easy way of measuring the width for you is to stand on the board, and if your boots leave just a few centimetres of your toes and heels hanging on either edge, then you’re good to go!

How’s the Bank Balance?

If things are a bit tight, you can always get your hands on a decent second-hand board to see you through for a while until you’ve got the money for a shiny new one. The market is there for sweet new rides, and you can make some serious savings too!

This is a sensible option for beginners, who will benefit from well-fitted boots over a sick snowboard. Having said that, if you’re all measured up, and you know what you’re looking for, what you’re doing, etc., then you can go knock yourself out at the local store. Lastly, if you’re only planning on a week away with friends on one of our cheap ski holidays, then opting to rent could be the choice for you.

Image: Darren Perrin under Creative Commons.

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Customer Reviews

I look each year to find a better value ski holiday and fail. I love the staff, the resort and the accomodation. And the coach, to me it makes flying very uncomfortable and un civilised, Dont change a thing Hucksters you are providing exactly what I want. Roll on next season......

Gilbert Leaver

We have travelled with Hucksters as both a school group and a family for an incredible 18 years. Never have I worked with a company who is so flexible and accommodating to individual needs. The ski and board options are exciting and varied to suit all abilities, from novice to the extreme, from door...

Mrs Denise May MBE

We stayed with Hucksters in Serre Chevalier, they went above and beyond to provide an outstanding service. The best value for money I've ever had, and the area is stunning! We will definitely be returning.

Dave Symonds

My girlfriend and I stayed in Vallandry with Hucksters for 6 days and had a great time with a very friendly environment including not only the staff, but also the other customers. The room was also nice, warm and very functional with the slopes only few meters away from the chalet. Therefore and acc...

Johann Delauney

This is the 4th year we have stayed at Mont Blanc, we have opted for the en suite accommodation in PMB. If you are looking for 5 star luxury look else where as you will be disappointed, if however, you are looking for a fun friendly atmosphere where you can wear slippers or ski boots for a week then...


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