Hucksters Budget Ski HolidaysHucksters Budget Ski Holidays

Check out these reasons why you need to give a ski trip a go in 2018

Skiing and snowboarding are two of the most amazing sports anyone could ever do – just ask our guests and staff! With the winter season now in full swing, you may well be checking through Instagram and Facebook, seeing your friends on their winter breaks, tearing up the slopes and partying like there’s no tomorrow and thinking, ‘I quite fancy a bit of that myself, ya know!’

There’s plenty of time to get saving for a break in the new year, and there’s sure to be lots of snow around. So, if you’ve never been skiing or snowboarding before then check out a few reasons we’ve put together to explain why you should…

Those Views Though

So, we saw all the Snapchats and the uploads of Ibiza, hot dog legs, sunsets etc., and they were cool ‘n’ all, but pics in the mountains are next level. Before après kicks off, hop off the lift and take a moment to embrace the views around you. It doesn't matter which resort you’re in, there’s a mega view and picture opportunity to be had, so grab the opportunity to capture the landscape and maybe a selfie or two… you won’t regret it.

The Exercise

Let’s be honest, everyone loves looking good these days, whether that’s for the ‘gram, or just for yourself, if you’re a hard-core gym goer, then snow sports aren’t going to do you any harm at all. Both skiing and snowboarding are really good workouts as well as being super fun! So, if it’s wiping out some of the calories you’ve clocked up over the festive season you’re after, then a week of shredding up the slopes on your board or skis is right up there with some of the best things you can do!

Experience the Après Ski

Okay, so we’ve touched on the fitness, but you’ve got to let your hair down too, and this is where après comes in, and it's not just the budget ski holidays at Christmas that have all the fun. This is a far cry from a few quiet ones in ‘Spoons on a Thursday… après ski is among the best partying experiences on the planet, and don't let anyone tell you any different! Expect flowing drinks, dancing on tables, sweet tunes, and all-round general good vibes. Just remember, if you’re in ski boots, they might take a few attempts to master dancing in!

It’s Cool!

Skiing and snowboarding are both so popular these days, and they are definitely seen as cool sports to do. You don’t have to be throwing down triple rodeos in the park or smashing up the double-diamond runs to be rad - those things do help – but you definitely do enter the realms of being cool for skiing in the Alps. If you’re a green run ruler or a black run shredder, it matters not, everyone’s out there to have a good time and if you’re having fun then that’s cool.

Make Lifelong Friends

This last one sounds a bit cheesy, but the thing is with ski holidays, especially if you’re in shared accommodation, is that you will see the same people while you’re staying there. Plus, people are there for like-minded reasons, and once you get chatting after bumping into them at après and you’ve had a couple beers, the friendship is formed, and you’ll have a reason to have a reunion in the mountains every year then!

Now you’ve read through some of the reasons we think you need to give a ski trip a whirl, why not take a look at our self-catered ski chalets, France for an idea about what to expect?

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Customer Reviews

Just back from a fabulous week in Vallandry. The lodge was great and the location to the lifts perfect. I wanted to say thank you for all your help and the wonderful staff, they are all good bunch and made us feel very welcome. Please let them know we did appreciate their hard work, and smiles every...


The wider your snowplough is, the slower your speed will be.

Top Tip

The staff were more like friends than employees and knew the area very well. Can't fault them. They sorted an issue with my wife's ski pass with as little stress as was possible. To start your day of skiing one had only to walk about 20m from the door, pop your skis on and off you go. You could eit...


We have travelled with Hucksters as both a school group and a family for an incredible 18 years. Never have I worked with a company who is so flexible and accommodating to individual needs. The ski and board options are exciting and varied to suit all abilities, from novice to the extreme, from door...

Mrs Denise May MBE

We just wanted to say, we had the most marvellous time in the Mont Blanc recently. We were very happy in the Petit Mont Blanc Annexe & the staff were absolutely fantastic. They all went out of their way to ensure we had a fantastic holiday.


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