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For skiers or boarders with a camera for those sweet (and fail) moments we've got six amazing tips!

There are plenty of people who will be out on the mountain with Go-Pros and other similar camera tech with them these days. You definitely do not have to be sponsored and on the pro tour to get some sick footage shared on YouTube anymore. Even if you’re not throwing down combos at Torstein and T.J. Schiller’s levels, you can get some cool clips, nonetheless!

If you’re one of the skiers or boarders with a camera for those sweet (and fail) moments on the mountain, we’re here to help you get them captured in the best way, so get clued up before you head off on your cheap snow holidays!

Helmet Mount Heroes!

Using a helmet mount is the simplest option for filming most individual snowy activities. The POV (point of view) mode a helmet mount gives means that you’re capturing things the way you see them. To get the best from this view remember these top tips:

  • Use a juicy frame size: Shoot 1080p at 60 fps
  • Shoot in wide mode
  • Turn stabilisation on

This will turn your sweet tree run into a Spielberg/Star-Wars chase moment!

Unleash 4K

Keep the 4K shots on a leash until you really want to reproduce the scene. For example, if you’re taking a panned shot of some amazing mountain-scape from a prime vantage point then now’s the time to let 4K do its thing. Some of the most advanced models of camera tech bring 4K at 60 frames per second, so if you’re also after getting super-detailed action shots, then unleash 4K and let it work its visual magic! Remember though, 4K absolutely smashes battery power and memory card space too, so use for peak moments only.

Time-Lapse Tips

Bear in mind that today’s action cameras have the capability to produce awesome stills too. You can set your camera to snap one shot every half a second while it’s mounted on a selfie stick and then you’ve got yourself some sweet GIFs in the making or an absolutely banging new Facebook profile pic! Give burst mode a whirl if you or a friend are hitting a jump or chucking a sick carve in. That way you can select the most epic still from the dozen or so the camera captures!

Be a Chest Mount Champ

Versatile in every aspect of skiing, a chest mount is a friend to all on two planks. Offering up more stability than a head mount, it also puts your hands, poles, and skis into the frame too, which looks so cool when you look back at your footage! If you’re a boarder, then give the chest mount a swerve as body positions mean it won’t quite work the same.

So, What About Slo-Mo?

Before you go sliding into slo-mo for every shot, take on board that taking the speed down several notches isn’t always the way to go when filming. Your best bet is to give slo-mo the green light when you’re shooting your friends.

Here’s some more top tips:

  • Place the camera at ground level for trick filming
  • Use slo-mo when the selfie stick is out
  • Slo-mo is a no-go for POV angles, so just forget that one!

Set the Selfie Stick Sensation!

Yes, before you say anything, selfie sticks are useful, and here’s why; selfie sticks are great for your solo snowboarding footage. To get the best out of a selfie stick (yes, it doable!) remember to use the same video settings as with the helmet mount. If you’re lining up for a big trick, flip the frame rate to 120 and give yourself some tidy detail. Why not try it with the camera ahead of you and then get some shots of it following you. A final top tip for selfie stick users – don't be a menace and get it in the way of other people on the slopes or you’ll soon find that you have two short selfie sticks instead of one longer one!

Did we miss any tips you know are unmissable? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter!

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