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Check out seasonaire Owen's pick of best bars and restaurants in Tignes

Are you planning on heading out to the mountains to enjoy cheap ski weekends this season? If Tignes is on your list of places to go, then check out the views of seasonaire, Owen, who spent a season there had to say about his pick of best bars and restaurants you can head to while you’re there!

Where’s Good to Get Food and Drink in Tignes?

The first place you should visit, Owen says, is in the Le Lavachet area of Tignes; a popular pizza place called Mick's Pizza.

Mick’s is a convenient place to grab a pizza that will keep you warm and well fed. While not it’s not a ‘flashy’ pizzeria, it offers a few places to sit and eat, but people mainly use it as a takeaway option. You can look forward to really good continent thin pizzas that are packed full of flavour. This is a renowned choice for seasonaires, so you know the prices are going to be good too!

Either before or after your pizza from Mick’s, a bar called Le Brasero is there to keep you well-watered. Not just a bar, but a restaurant selling classic French cuisine, if you fancy it, Le Brasero should be on your list of places to visit. The atmosphere of the bar blends into the restaurant area, so if that’s up your alley then you know Le Brasero is the place to be! If you and your friends are looking to get out for an enjoyable final night of the holiday without having to pay premium resort prices you can rely on Le Brasero.

Heading a little further down the road to the Le Lac area of Tignes is the aptly named Tignes Cuisine. This place does really great Asian food, from Thai curry to noodles and everything in between. The noodles, in particular, are amazing!

The major appeal, besides the food, is that it has a wonderful location next to the Loop Bar which is one of the best and busiest in Tignes, so once you’re finished up in Tignes Cuisine, you can pop one door along to see the night away in Loop. What’s more, you’re situated in front of a pretty great view of the Tignes lake, and with the outside seating area, you can take it all in.

It’s good to note that Loop Bar also offers up some tasty food, on the affordable pub food scale, and is more geared towards the British, so burgers and the like await you here if that’s something you’re keen for. If you’re after busy, with plenty of atmosphere, regardless of time of the day, this is the one!

Finally, Owen says that Jam Bar is a great daytime café to try out. Jam Bar offers a great coffee and light snacks all within close range of one of the main chairlifts in Tignes. What’s more, at night they fill the place up with people attending intimate music sessions.

Hopefully, this is enough to get you started and helps to give you some insight into where you can get some good food and something to drink from people who know where to hang out.

Has Owen missed somewhere you’ve heard about that is a cool place to visit? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter.

Image courtesy of Le Brasero/Facebook.

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