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Six reasons why you should tick a Christmas skiing holiday off of your bucket list.

If you never been lucky enough to experience skiing over the festive period, then you’ve got to stick it on your bucket list because it’s absolutely amazing! As if we needed to convince you more, we’ve got six reasons why you should tick this must-do off your list of things to do… you won’t regret it!

Why should I go skiing at Christmas?


Christmas is mostly about food (and drinking) no matter where you are in the world during the festive season, and we all know it! So, when you’re in a ski resort, and you’re enjoying staying in a catered chalet in Vallandry, for example, then you know you’re going to be revelling in some mind-blowing food that not even your mum’s best Sunday dinner could rival!

From fondue to finely cooked steak and more, being spoilt for choice is an understatement. Plus, there’s the added extra that because you’re going to be smashing run after run from first lifts ‘till last (or at least until après kicks off) you can eat as much as you like and not worry about adding to that winter coat!

White Christmas

We all get hyped up about the chance of the UK being graced with a blanket of the white stuff covering the ground when we open the curtains on Christmas morning. However, the reality is that it’s bound to be wet and grey. Head to the mountains though, and you’re pretty much guaranteed to experience a white Christmas. Just think of how awesome all your Instagram’s will be on a snowy white Christmas!

Skiing on Christmas Day

Speaking from our own personal experience here, there is something completely surreal but totally amazing about heading up the mountain to hit a few runs on Christmas morning. Hopefully, you don't wake up too hungover from Xmas eve partying, and you can make the most of the morning’s skiing. Step out of the bubble, or push off the chairlift and take a moment to look around; it’s Christmas Day you’re looking out over some of the best views imaginable, you’re with your friends, and the powder is all set for carving up – perfection!

In fact, the slopes tend to be slightly less busy on Xmas Day so you won’t have to get through the hectic pistes and Black Friday-style lift queues.

Celebrate Christmas Twice!

If you’re in the Alps at Xmas, then you can look forward to having not one, but two celebrations – like the Queen does with her birthday’s! In Europe, celebrations are in full swing on the 24th, and it’s not hard to find a party in a ski resort, ever! Depending on where you are, there’ll be parades, carols, fireworks, and most-likely a visit from Santa if you’re lucky.

You can then look tuck into day two on the 25th, which is obviously the day we traditionally celebrate Christmas on. Bonus!

Unsurpassable Good Times

There are plenty of people who head up to ski resorts and won’t spend a minute on piste, although it’s definitely a missed opportunity if you do do that. The reason that people can still do this though if they want, is because there is always something to keep everyone entertained. Ski resorts are rammed with cool stuff to do, which mostly involves one of the bars, but there’s also wellness centres, dog-sledging, ice skating and snowshoeing tobogganing, music festivals and gigs, freestyle displays and other shows, plus much more. You’ll get so into that you won’t want to leave.

It’s Special

Ski resorts are super fun places to be all season round, but there’s something slightly more special about being in the village when it Xmas time. Yeah, we know we’re ending on a soppy one, but just go with it! Whether you’re avoiding the awkward moments with members of the family you only ever see at Christmas, or you just want to make some cool memories with your friends, a skiing holiday is a perfect way to do it.

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Just a quick note to thank you all for hosting the Bennett clan the other week, we had a great time and are hoping to return with Hucksters for the new year.


Hucksters, are to be highly recommended as they offer a very personalised service at package deal prices and take a genuine interest in making sure you have a good time. I have done 4 trips with them in the last 2 years so they must be doing something right!


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