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6 reasons why you should try skiing as your New Year's resolution!

Right, how many of you have flown into the new year with plans to see out a bunch of resolutions? And how many of you are already struggling to live up to them? If that’s you, then why not pick a New Year’s resolution that you can stick to and you’ll genuinely enjoy? Here’s where skiing comes in!

Why Start Skiing?

Quite simply, there are loads of reasons why you should try skiing. For example, studies have proved that involvement in skiing is an enjoyable physical activity that can enhance a person’s positive outlook on life. But what other reasons are there for you to start skiing? Let’s take a look and see what’s good, shall we?


This may not be the most exciting point, but as we’re talking about the new year, it’s pretty relevant, so bear with us. As we mentioned, skiing not only boosts overall happiness and well-being, it’s also beneficial to physical and mental health. And what’s more, it doesn't matter if you spend an hour on the slopes or a full day, you’ll receive the same kind of rewards! Skiing can help you wave goodbye to as much as 5 lbs, over seven days if you spend six hours per day on the slopes. Going up and down the slope can see you burn off 3,000 calories! Oh, and the steeper the slope, the more calories you gain to lose.

The Beauty

Put quite simply, it doesn't matter if you’re in a resort, at après, or standing on top of the highest point of the whole resort, there’s the chance for you to capture some absolutely amazing photos. There’s just no getting away from the beauty of a ski resort, and you’re definitely going to make everyone back home jealous when they see them!

Learn Something New

For the newbs out there, you can look forward to becoming a better skier, and earn a well-deserved sense of achievement at the end of your trip. Learning is fun, and when you’re doing it in such a fun environment, you’ll struggle not to enjoy yourself. You can go out there with friends who’ve skied before and catch them at après for “un demi” or two after your lesson, or you could go with a bunch of friends who are all beginners and spend the day learning with them and laughing when someone falls over!

Enjoy the Social

Being in a ski resort is a very social place to be, that’s for sure. Like most sports, skiing and snowboarding encourages social interaction and bonding. You may arrive in resort with your friends, but you best believe that you’re leaving with more than you came with because everyone is so cool!

Be prepared to see people you were partying with the night before on the chairlift and have a laugh at what went on!

Express Your Creative Side

Skiing is such a cool sport to learn in terms of unleashing creative and artistic expression. You could even find that you had a talent you didn't realise before and be on the black runs by the end of the week. So, whether it’s the serene, but pleasurable mood of the nursery slope and a hot chocolate at lunchtime or the wild après sessions and learning tricks in the park you’re after, skiing is there to help you express yourself.

Make Lasting Memories

Skiing is an activity that can be shared and enjoyed with people of all ages and abilities. This is one of the most appealing features about heading to the mountains on budget ski holidays. You might like to get a drink or three with your mates, but the trips to Maga’ have nothing on a ski holiday – mainly because you actually have something else to do other than drink and be hungover! You’re bound to see plenty of things that will make your trip a memorable one and as soon as you’re home, you’ll be checking dates for the next trip – we’ve all been there and done that!

So, for whatever reason you decide to get out and go skiing this year, take a look at the resorts we offer trips to and get ready for the holiday of a lifetime!

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Always wear your helmet and be mindful of the position your skis are pointing when carrying them around to avoid accidentally hitting anyone.

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