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Travel Updates Following Coronavirus: Skiing in France

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It’s a new decade, and what an eventful year it's been! What we’ve seen from our research is that people are finding it hard to know what information to believe, how their upcoming travel plans will be affected and what the future of travel will be like in the months to come. While we may not be able to offer all the answers, we may be able to clarify a few facts and figures for you and put it into the context of ski holidays in France.

We wish to provide some comfort and support for all our Hucksters holidaymakers with this feature. We will endeavour to keep this post up-to-date, so our regular readers, adventure advocates and any new users to our site are informed and feel safe about the slopes, ensuring all have an enjoyable holiday experience from enquiry to the return home.


At the date of this blog being updated (26.05.21), ski resorts in France are being eased out of lockdown, with 30th June anticipated as the date for curfews ending. Most resorts should re-open for the Summer next month!

We are taking bookings for Winter 2021/22 with prices now live on the website. We are very much hoping to re-open for this Summer in the meantime. Watch this space!

For full travel advice see the UK's Government's website here. Please see our updated Terms and Conditions for details on cancellations due to Covid-19.

While ski holidays can't take place at the moment, we remain hopeful that resorts will be able to re-open for some skiing in Winter 2021/22. If this does happen, you can expect a few changes to ensure your holiday is Covid safe, but we're confident that you will still be able to have a fantastic holiday with us. We have made it easier to book your next holiday with us by changing the deposit required on booking. This has now been reduced to £100 pp. The final balance of your holiday will now be due 4 weeks prior to travel, instead of 8 weeks, meaning you can book with confidence and re-arrange if necessary. If you have any symptoms or have recently had Coronavirus, please inform us on booking.

Chris is on hand to answer any other queries you may have. You can contact Chris by phone on +44 (0)7740062796 or by emailing

Stay safe and we hope to see you all soon,

Team Hucksters

What is Coronavirus and Why is Travel Affected?

Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, is a new family of viruses. Much like the common cold, it is passed from proximity to affected individuals or by touching a surface up to a maximum of 72 hours after contamination depending on the type of surface, exposure to sunlight, temperature and humidity, and exposure to cleaning products.

Currently, around 80% of people who have contracted coronavirus experience symptoms like the flu and make a full recovery. The World Health Organization (WHO) have found from studies that the fatality rate is low (at around 3.45%) in comparison to SARS, from 2002, which was recorded at 10%.

Travel advice differs across the world depending on the level of virus spread in countries and the government’s measures to limit cases. Governmental actions have involved several factors, including the limitation of international travel to countries with recorded cases and postponing public events. Arrangements differ from country to country, and each respective government will review their procedure as they monitor the situation and work to contain the spread to people classed as vulnerable.

What is the Current Advice on Coronavirus?

The general advice involves high levels of personal hygiene, personal space and coughing decorum.

  • Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and warm water for a minimum of 20 seconds. Alternatively, use a sanitiser with at least a 60% alcohol make-up.
  • Keep 2 metres away from other people.
  • Cover your nose and mouth when sneezing or coughing with a tissue that can be disposed of immediately afterwards. If a tissue is not available, use the crease of your elbow. Clean your hands afterwards.
  • Avoid touching your face, mouth and nose.
  • Uphold proper food hygiene levels.
  • Wear a face covering in all indoor public places.

Individuals who develop symptoms should self-isolate and avoid vulnerable people, such as older people and those with long-term conditions.
Professionals within the medical profession are working on a vaccine, with clinical trials being done following preliminary work into coronavirus.

What is Happening in France?

UK travellers to France is currently limited. France has safety measures in place similar to that of the UK. Face coverings are required in all indoor public places, track and trace programmes are in place and shops have a one way system. When the ski resorts re-open, there may be Ski Pass restrictions during peak season, so we would advise booking your Ski Pass earlier than usual.

What you can expect in our chalets:

  • Cleaning - All communal areas will be cleaned and sanitised more frequently as per Covid-19 guidelines. Rooms will be thoroughly cleaned as before prior to new guest arrival. Our team, however, will not be coming in daily to clean, to ensure your and our staff's safety. Rooms will be cleaned on check out.
  • Social distancing - All guests must socialise within their 'bubble' group and social distance from other guests staying in the chalet.
  • Hucksters staff - All our teams will be wearing PPE equipment.
  • Food - Guests will be seated in their own bubbles on a separate table. Our buffet breakfast will not be available while restrictions are in place. We will instead take your order at your table and deliver your food here.
  • Local restaurants - Many will re-open this Winter. Guests are welcome to take Dinner as a takeaway option and eat in their room.

The Government will monitor the situation closely and announce any updates as things change. We will be sure to update this page as more information is released and let you know how this will influence Hucksters Holidays.

Where Should I Get Information on Travel and Coronavirus?

Understandably there is a lot of anxiety around the coronavirus, but it’s important to remember that most cases have seen people recover quickly. Social media, rumours and sensationalism can cause a lot of unwarranted anxiety based on misinformation. Our recommendation is to get your news and advice from sources you can trust, including government pages. We have only gathered our information from the trustworthy sources linked below.

What Should I Do If I Have Booked a Holiday with Hucksters This Year?

We still plan to re-open our chalets this Winter, unless Government advice changes. If you have a holiday booked with us this 2020/21 season and have any queries at all, please get in touch with us. We have updated our Terms and Conditions, allowing you to re-arrange your holiday date or cancel should your booking be affected by the Coronavirus. In the meantime we can't wait to welcome you all back this Winter for plenty of snow, new memories and great skiing!

When Can I Go Skiing Again and What Tips Do You Have for Booking for the Future?

On the bright side, we will be looking toward making the next ski season as amazing as possible, and we are still taking bookings for skiing in 2020/21 and into 2021/22 season via our booking enquiry form.

We recommend reviewing your travel insurance options to pick a comprehensive plan for your next holiday.

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By dispensing with things such as towels and complimentary toiletries (bring your own) and guaranteed en suite bathrooms, Hucksters has managed to create accommodation that is definitely communal and cheap but in that no-frills way that makes you feel pretty smug at the money you are saving. It has ...

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By dispensing with things such as towels and complimentary toiletries (bring your own) and guaranteed en suite bathrooms, Hucksters has managed to create accommodation that is definitely communal and cheap but in that no-frills way that makes you feel pretty smug at the money you are saving. It has ...

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