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Whether you’re a veteran or rookie to snow based sports, the first question to ask yourself is ‘what kind of getaway do I want’? If you’d prefer a more sedentary trip, then a beachfront might be more to your taste, as the snow here is not simply a mere background to be kept outside. Although ample time can be had indoors and is a great part of the experience, it is on the slopes that most of your days will be spent. Aside from the classic sports of skiing and snowboarding, the more daring amongst you may wish to try your hand at bobsledding, luge or even skeleton for that ultimate adrenaline rush.

Once you have decided upon your choice of activity for the winter, the next key step is perhaps the least invigorating, but one of the most important. Even if you’re an experienced head and fully trained, simple bad luck can spoil the best laid plans. Travelling at speed down an infamously treacherous surface obviously carries a degree of risk, so make sure you’re legal arrangements are in order. These include your typical expenses such as specialist snowboard/ski insurance, as well as some other procedures that whilst grim to consider, have to be taken into account. Planning for a worse case scenario, many winter sports enthusiasts invest in a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA’s) and other contingencies, though if you follow all the safety rules then the odds of needing this are thankfully reduced.

With that taken care of, it’s time to get on with more cheery matters, that of sorting out your equipment. Just the basics alone[1] can make for a daunting list, so the debate over buying versus renting really revolves around how much usage will you get for your purchase. If you’re going to be hitting the slopes again in the future after this holiday, then an outright purchase of gear will make for sound investment. This will also enable you to tailor your setup for your personal tastes, from essentials such as helmet size to almost as crucial elements such as the colour of the ski bindings!

If renting however, the vast majority of course operators can outfit you virtually just as well. Many special offers also factor in this outlay, and there’s nothing stopping you from spending on equipment if the thrill calls you back down the line.

Before making a commitment of any sorts, concerning equipment or location, I can thoroughly recommend seeking the advice of those with more experience. There’s always more to learn to do with such a (literally) fast moving subject, and plenty of tips to take onboard. For instance, a generous helping of sunscreen is vital to staying comfortable as the sun’s intensity at such an altitude is more pronounced

Thankfully, the Internet is your friend and a number of great communities exist to point you in the right direction. All across the web, many forums[2] and specific blogs are always welcoming and ready to share their wisdom. Always take what they have to say to heart and respect their input, and apply such humility to the geography around you.

Often deceptive, the mountainside conceals many hidden dangers and knowing how to navigate around them is crucial to staying safe. An example can be seen within just the USA alone between 2011-12, with 54 deaths out of 51 million skiers. Whilst that is a miniscule proportion of those who went, the statistics make mention of how ‘most fatalities occur in the same population that engages in high-risk behavior’. Perhaps this is a harsh assessment of the young male demographic referred to, but the point still stands that messing around is not an option in this scenario. Therefore, you’d be well served to cast an eye over the rules drawn up by respective winter sports authorities, as any violation could lead to worse punishment than a slap on the wrist.

However, with a little common sense and awareness of the surroundings, nothing should give you significant pause, aside from the thought of having to make your way back up the mountain! Winter sports are just as much about mental preparedness as they are about physical conditioning, and even better, doing your homework for this is a fun endeavor. Weighing up whether you want to stay in a luxury hotel or a personal chalet makes for a nice change of pace from



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